CMET manufactures and sells 3D printers for professional use

CMET manufactures and sells 3D printers
for professional use


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Privacy policy

CMET Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) is deeply aware that your personal information (information that can identify or identify an individual) is important information that constitutes privacy, and its protection is an important responsibility. We pay close attention to our thoughts.

This website is operated for the purpose of providing information about our company. However, there is an inquiry page on this website, and when you use that page, to the extent necessary to respond more appropriately, your name and company may ask for personal information such as e-mail addresses.

The range necessary for the execution of the contracted business after the customer has consented, when it is deemed necessary by law, and after concluding a confidentiality agreement with an external contractor who has been entrusted with the website operation business. Company will not disclose your personal information to the outside except when providing and disclosing it in.

In addition, company will endeavor to take safety measures within a reasonable range in order to protect the personal information provided by customers on this website from loss, destruction, unauthorized leakage to the outside, falsification, and unauthorized access. increase. Company will thoroughly implement these policies and meet the trust and expectations of our customers.

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Company takes great care when posting information on this website, but company do not take any responsibility for any problems caused by errors in the posted information, falsification of information, data download and so forth by a third party.

This website is subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

Any information contained on this website other than historical facts in the past is our future outlook and contains risks and uncertainties due to various factors. Actual business results are subject to change, and company are not liable for any damages incurred based on the information posted on this website.

In addition, the information on this website does not solicit the purchase or sale of our shares. Please make investment decisions at your own discretion.

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this website is subject to Japanese domestic law, and the Tokyo District Court is the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for all disputes arising from the use of this website.