Case of Imanishi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. using ATOMm-4000

Imanishi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the company which offers new manufacturing by utilizing both traditional craftsmanship and digital technology to the world continuously

Imanishi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Imanishi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1921.Their management principle is to offer wholeheartedly the products and services which are highly appreciated by customers almost a century. Their original technology(Rapid Ceramic Molding Method) which is mixed with precision casting and 3D printing leads the fast producing technologies to the world.

We talked to Mr. Hirofumi Imanishi, CEO of Imanishi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. and here is what he said

Q what is your strong point of your business?

We have been providing mainly automobile business since established in 1921. Nowadays, we are adopting the 3D printing and the lastest digital technology rather than craftmanship and producing the various metallic mold, producting equipment, and many casting models. We were one of the first companies which introduced CAD/CAM systems. By Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology, we can accept consultation of making any complex shape, from model to precise casting.

Q The sequence of 3D printer introduction

To correspond to customer requests(cost cutting and shorten delivery time) after CAD/CAM system were introduced, we developed the new precision casting technology(Rapid Ceramic Molding Method) with the 3D printer and our original casting method. This new method is able to produce the complicated shaped model in only several days by using a model of 3D printer as a pattern model.
With this technology, from various industry such as automobile parts, a sporting good and the medical field.
We were the first casting manufacturer which introduced Laminated Object Manufacturing(LOM) in 1996. 3D priter provides us the capability of checking the model before casting. Therefore, it became easier to confirm the custmer’s request and we can assure the short delivery time.

Q About producing with short delivery time and high quality.

There has to be the matured craftsman to make the small number of prototype models. But we developed the original casting method(Rapid Ceramic Molding Method).We succeeded in development of precision casting method without wooden form, metallic mold, and foundry core.This original method shorten the delivery time by one fourth and cut the cost by a half. This is extraordinary technology and very competitive in the market. With assuring short delivery time and high quality, we are demanded from the domestic and abroad various industrial world.

Q Why did you add our stereolithography system?

Even though we had 3D LOM systems already and had original method with them, we were looking for new systems because our systems had been aging. Around that time, 3D printer’s boom had started and many new machines had been released. After all consideration, we chose CMET’s stereolithography machine"ATOMm-4000", because of its work-size, price, and material(whether dieing easily or not). ATOMm-4000 is suitable for evaluation of assembly or functionality. Of course, there is no problem with burning out materials for molding.


Category Evaluation
Disappearance time About 1/6 of paper layered model. Processing is easily without the paper carbonized.
Workability Model becomes lightweight,improved workability of the ceramic coating operation.
Evaluation of model Good delicate shape reproducibility, such as edges and thin.(when it is honeycomb shaped)
Material cost Necessary resin material cost is equal or less than paper layered model.
Using situation Not only casting master but also sales sample for meeting with customer designer.

※The above is an example

Q How does Stereolithography contribute for your business ?

Layered modeling has no limit of shape but strength depend on the physical properties. And it is difficult to keep accuracy because model has layered step. There are some task left because material strength is required in industrial products. we try to progress to the final product by Rapid Ceramic Molding Method.We expand not only car and industrial products but also art, design, environmental energy and medical field.

Q After Stereolithography introduction,how is customer’s evaluation?

At first, we confused about modeling condition setting because it was quite different from the paper layered modeling, but now we are able to make models in a stable. We are very satisfied with model accuracy.
Since stereolithography introduction, we have increased new business partners

Q How do you evaluate of CMET?

We regarded made-in-Japan and after-service as important.ATOMm-4000 is the exact machine that we want, and both sales person and engineer have great care of service to us.
We are very satisfied with CMET.
and consequently, we will think about installation of more machines from CMET.

Q At the end, Could you please introduce your technology?

We will correspond widely, even automatic equipment, welding jig, press mold, mold for molding resin, mold for metal casting and casting model.
Please feel free to contact us anything.

About products and technologies

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Trade Name Imanishi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President Hirofumi Imanishi
Head Office 5-7-17 Yaga-Shinmachi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima, 732-0044 Japan
Established June 1, 1921
Major awards history ・300 of Japan’s Vibrant Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SME), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
・Selected "1400 Excellent Companies of Job Creation in 2009" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
・The Director of Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize of the 3rd Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
・Commendation for Science and Technology (Technology Category) in 2013 by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

Middle size stereolithography machine, ATOMm-4000

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