CMET supports product developments with our cutting edge stereolithography technology.

High output laser/ Equipped with digital scanner

・High speed modeling with 800mW laser
・Original digital scanner built in

resin replacement possible within an hour

・Unit system resin tank
・Resin automatically refilled

Sophisticated, innovative design

Stable modeling control

Original design to pursue functionality

・Equipped with MH recoater, strong in trapped volume
・Easy to use editing software


Equipped Laser LD800mW 60KHz
Scanning Method Digital (TSS2)
Laser Warranty Period 1 year
Maximum Scanning Speed 22,000mm/sec
Laser Diameter 0.10 - 0.60mm(automatically changeable)
Maximum Model Size 610×610×500mm
Z Table Minimum layer pitch 50μm
Recoater MH recoater
Resin Surface Control Counter volume method
Power Supply AC100V Single phase 30A+10A
Equipment Dimension Approx.1020×2045×2050mm
Equipment Weight Approx.1,400kg (not including resin)
Software C-Sirius
PC OS Windows 2000 & Xp
Operation Japanese/ English

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