CMET supports product developments with our cutting edge stereolithography technology.

Middle size stereolithography machine, ATOMm-4000
The proposal of the ideal machine for the manufacturing field in Japan

The successor model to the RM-3000, the middle size stereolithography machine, ATOMm-4000 has a bigger worksize and more affordable price than RM-3000.
Working together with the manufacturing field in Japan for over 20 years, now we want you to find more access to the stereolithography technology that has reached the state of maturity. This is the machine to realize our wish.

Realizing cost-saving

High quality for a reasonable price
Saving about 50% of initial cost for introducing stereolithography machines.
Worksize(W400XD400XH300mm) is bigger than A3 size

High-speed& accuracy digital scanner(TSS4)

Loaded with our original scan system TSS4, which is same as EQ-1. Designing speed and path accuracy greatly improved compared to the predecessor TSS2.

New and inexpensive laser

Equipped Solid state laser
Cutting down the running cost by 40%

Liquid surface control system (Balloon system)

Equipped same system as EQ-1
Cutting down a large amount of resin
Available all kind of our original resin

The ideal machine for the needs of developing stage

Modeling size adequated to correspond to size variety and to build multiple models at once
Double doors for easier removal of completed models to increase machine operation
Equipped with touch panel for easy viewing and operation




Model ATOMm-4000
Equipped Laser Solid state laser 400mW 40KHz
Scanning Method Digital Scanner mirror (TSS4)
Maximum Scanning Speed 30m/sec
Beam Diameter Variable
Maximum Build Envelope W400×D400×H300mm
Minimum Build Layer 0.025mm *depends on the resin used
Recoater Blade recoater
Vat Interchangeable (Approx. 80ℓ)
Controller Power AC100V  Single phase 15A
 Dimensions W1565×D1050×H1860mm
 Weight Approx.550kg (Without resin)

You can see what CMET's stereolithography system is through PDF catalog. Download for free. Use for your Examination data


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