With our cutting edge stereolithography technology, CMET supports any needs for product developments.

TSR-884 is the world’s first resin that bears both heat-resistance and transparency. Also, TSR-884 is non-antimony and environment friendly.

*TSR-884 is to be released this autumn.

Car lamp

No deformation or discoloration is seen after exposing to HID lamp for continuous 8 hours
Resin: TSR-884

Car air duct

No slack or deformation can be seen after continuously blowing on hot air of 120℃.
Resin: TSR-884

Heat resistance of over 100℃ and transparency to allow visibility

Heat resistant stereolithography resins existed, but they were of brownish or tinted color.
However, the transparent heat-resistant resin TSR-884 keeps the high transparency even after being cured to make the resin heat resistant of over 100℃.
See below to check out the transparency of TSR-884 by comparing it with the same model made of different resin.

With this transparency, there is no need to polish the model to gain visibility.

Transparency kept even after heat curing

In former stereolithography resins, heat curing to improve the hardness caused the model to discolor and drastically decrease the visibility.
The transparent, heat resistant resin TSR-884 holds its transparency even after being heat cured, therefore maintaining the visibility. As shown in the pictures below, the new TSR-884 has cleared this problem too and almost no difference in yellowness index and light transmittance can be observed before and after heat curing. This also means that this resin holds visibility even during heat resistance test.

Working on flow evaluation of variety of materials, not only hot water

The development of the transparent, heat resistant resin TSR-884 started out from a request to use the resin model for flow evaluation in engines. Therefore, here are some evaluations concerning resistance to engine oils.

Test method Soak model made of TSR-884 in 80℃ oil for 2 hours・4 hours・6 hours
Sample 45×25×5㎜ size plate
Result No change was observed in hardness, yellowness, transmittance

Low moisture absorption and size stability comparable with existing transparent resin TSR-829

Our new resin has worked out the two negative images of stereolithographic resin; deformation and size change.
Moisture resistance value shows that it is twice as tolerant to moisture compared to conventional resin.

This is an indispensable feature, concerning that models made by stereolithographic casting are used in evaluation test that may take weeks instead of in simple shape confirmation or as master die used only for few days.

Car visualization(DCDC converter)

Internal visualization, coolant water flow evaluation model
Resin:TSR-884, TSR-889
Colored water is circulated instead coolant to check the flow of the liquid.