1.Creation of a three-dimensional model

Three-dimensional models are made from CAD, CT/MRI, or other types of measurement data.

2.Creation of cross-sectional data

This 3D data is converted into STL file format, and cross-sectional data is created for specified thicknesses.

3.Liquefied optical hardening resin is irradiated with laser.

Based on the cross-sectional data, a UV laser is scanned across the surface of a photocurable resin in liquid form. Only the part exposed to the UV laser hardens, forming a layered section on the table.

4.A model is formed.

The table is lowered one layer at a time, irradiating with the UV laser and recoating the resin. The repetition of this process builds the model layer by layer.

5.Completion of a three-dimensional model

When the model is completed, the modeling table is raised and the model is removed.