Examples of CMET‘s stereolithography technology application
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Stereolithography example:Artificial lung development
Usage: Fluid analysis (CFD) by visualization / quality evaluation
Resin used: TSR-829

Main usages

Fluid analysis (CFD) by visualization

Quality evaluation

Replaces the human lung during operation, etc. Mainly exchanges gas and added O2 to the blood and removes CO2. O2 is supplied to the hollow fiber in the artificial lung, and blood is filled in around the fiber to allow exchange of gas through the fiber membrane. The fluid analysis (CFD) using the stereolithography model calculates the correct amount of blood supply to the lung. Blood spot is made on the inlet side and blood flows to one point at the outlet. This system avoids damage given by pressure.

Coorporation: Tokyo Denki University Frontier Research and Development Center

Resin used


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