With our cutting edge stereolithography technology, CMET supports any needs for product developments.

Japanese Quality Technology and Service

Since established in 1990, CMET takes pride as the leading Japanese company to develop additive manufacturing system that realizes high-accuracy, high-precision modeling. We provide the refined Japanese services to support the development of any kind of products.

Total Service by Self-developed Technologies

Maximum performance of additive manufacturing is brought out only with the total control over hardware, material and software. As the pioneer of additive manufacturing, CMET develops all its hardware, materials and software to respond to the changing needs of the product development field.

Abundant Experience and Expertise

We have been highly recognized as the pioneer of additive manufacturing and our share in this area has been No.1 in Japan and Asia. Taking advantage of the accumulation of our experience and expertise, we also offer a preventive maintenance system. Our expertise engineers will provide quick and reliable support when any trouble arouses.